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Sinhala movies have come of age. There was a time when no one wanted to watch Sinhala movies as the movie producers would simply copy the story line from one of the Tamil movies from India or Hindi movies, spicen it up with a some Sinhala songs and there you go. The Sinhala people would either love it or reject it.

However things have changed for the better, good quality Sinhala movies are being made. Top quality songs are being recorded that are being introduced in Sri Lankan in particular Sinhala movies. Sinhala songs too have matured; proper technicians are now making music while Sri Lankan music composers are now coming out of innovative ideas and composing with great care.

The Sinhala people has a great cultural heritage, they have always sung music in temples both Hindus and Buddhist using Sri Lankan musical instruments. This cultural heritage gives them unique advantage in their ability to compose great music be in the Sinhala movies or folk songs.

The celebrated instruments that gave the finest music of Ceylon were hybrid. A lot of scripts about music all over the globe say that most of the melodious musical instrument of the world developed from the tribal population’s designs in Sri Lanka. Although dozens of them were lost over the years, a few of them came through. Few of them are listed as follows; Gata Bera, Yak Bera, Thammatama, Udakkiya, Hand Rabana, Bench Rabana, Daula.


Almost all of the music tools founded in Ceylon are now applied throughout the world to give glory to the music. Ceylon is the cradle of so many drum tools. Our aims are to promote the great cultural and musical heritage the nation of Sri Lanka.  


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